What we offer

We support your needs with a transparent communication in all our services.

First Contact with the Customer

We work on reaching your potential customers on a channel specific basis, and converting those you contact with into existing customers.

  • Benchmark analysis

  • New customer acquisition campaigns / projects

  • Design and installation of customer-oriented systems

  • Channel specific data form design

Getting to Know the Customer

We produce projects so that you can get to know your customer and offer personalized communications.

  • Customer recognition research and analysis

  • Customer expectations report

  • Data cleaning and deduplication

  • Data conversion

Your Relationship with Your Customer

With CRM and CEM actions, we support you to increase your wallet share and loyalty in your existing customers, where you can recover your lost customers.

  • Customer segmentation

  • Segment-based communication plans

  • Campaigns / projects that increase the wallet share in the customer

  • SCRM

  • Gamification

Customer Loyalty

A well-grounded relationship means higher turnovers with less costs in the long run. We strengthen the relationship between your customers and your company for you.

  • Loyalty programs setup and management

  • Auditing and optimizing your current program

Our Other Services

We support you in the production of materials focused on customer experience and in improving your processes in order to ensure that your contact with the customer is efficient.

  • Email design and sending

  • Creative copywriting

  • Ad-hoc data analysis

  • Report design

  • Landing page design

  • Web site design

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